i think this is music

i think this is music

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Hosted by: Junior Orellana
Genre: Music

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hey how’s it going. this is either gonna be your favorite or least favorite show but that’s cool. my name is junior and i somewhat annoy people around me about the music i listen to, and often times have been told that i need my own radio show to vent and show people what typa stuff i listen to in order to stop bothering them. that’s what im here for ! if you like people who say “you know i went to their concert, right?” to most of the artists they listen to, you should totally give this a listen.

some of my favorite artists are frank ocean (basic), tyler (basic pt 2), kendrick, still woozy (super underground never-before-heard), jeff buckley (the dude who sang the original cover of the pentatonix hallelujah song), weyes blood (you know im going to her concert), sza, and silk sonic. have fun listening !!

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