Good Sh*t Rx

Want something to run through your mind all day? Need something you’ll keep stuck on replay? Everyone and your mom is listening to Good Sh*t Rx. Join Elizabeth Li and Manu Sundar each week as they present a songmmelier’s mix of shoegaze, rap, and everything in between. You’ll never know what’s up next. Tune in … Read moreGood Sh*t Rx

The Batsh*t Crazy Variety Show

A car crash that you just can’t look away from, The Batsh*t Crazy Variety Show is the product of literal on-air improvisation, making the show up as we go (for better or for worse.) If the ambient drone music played at the Cobb Cafe became a person with their own show, I’d like to believe … Read moreThe Batsh*t Crazy Variety Show

Kentucky Meat Shower

The floor is sticky from cheap Weissbeer as cold, palpitating bodies dilapidated from months of continuous use of mysterious concoctions over weekends at Berlin writhe against one another. The kick drum keeps kicking, strobe lights keep strobing and legions of dejected hardos, punks, goths, tiktok e-boys and instagram influencers become a swarm of dancing mercenaries. … Read moreKentucky Meat Shower

The Odyssey Hour

All genres, eras and countries, this is a journey through music, including exploring its historical, political and social aspects along the way. Nothing is off-limits, from Bulgarian folk music to Krautrock, you are also invited to send in your recommendations of lesser-known classics from Senegal to St Petersburg. Featuring interviews with musicians and experts, we … Read moreThe Odyssey Hour

That’s All, Folk

Folk music is highly generative, has many different waves over its history, and the Spotify Folk tab does not do it justice. In our show “That’s All, Folk”, we want to explore folk music in its entirety: Americana, country-leaning, folk rock, and contemporary folk forms, amongst others. Folk is an often forgotten or underappreciated genre … Read moreThat’s All, Folk

House Bump for LPJ

This is the first time we’ve ever done something for a radio show, but we all have some form of experience mixing music live. We’re all obsessed with house music, so we wanted to provide a live weekly mix of some of the classic house beats. Expect a chilled jazzy vibe, as we mix together … Read moreHouse Bump for LPJ


Hypercolor captures the feeling of finding joy in ordinary life. It’s the soundtrack to moments when reality suddenly becomes something beautiful, profound, and, most of all, fun! Hypercolor is based on electronic music but takes inspiration from a wide range of genres. Follow along as we explore good vibes through the lens of music.   … Read moreHypercolor

Não Mais Choro

Não Mais Choro is a show about Lusophone music. Through the magic of online radio, myself (and maybe a few guests) plan to take you, eager listener, on a tour of genres, storylines, and classic Lusophone songs that you can experience anywhere—chilling in the quad on a sunny afternoon, spacing out with the lights off … Read moreNão Mais Choro

Studio UChicago

Studio UChicago plays music by UChicago students. Join “music fan” Diego Pedulla-Smith as he embarks on a journey to highlight the best and most talented musicians within our very own UChicago community. Each episode we’ll be taking an in-depth look at a few artists; listening to their biggest hits and chatting with them about a … Read moreStudio UChicago

The B-Side

Craving some nostalgic alt-rock, but tired of listening to the same old radio hits? Really want to dive into an artist’s catalogue, but don’t know where to start? Well fret no more! The B-Side features deep cuts from artists you already love, and artists you will love. Take an hour to really get to know … Read moreThe B-Side