At the margins

At the margins

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At the margins is a radio show we conceptualized around the guiding force of giving space to underrepresented, and for this reason underground, marginalized artists. with a music industry that is often dominated by a culture of patriarchy and a “boys club” mentality of conformity and connections, by the same manufactured sounds of white male industry plants, we hope to give a voice to fresh, independent artists and curate a sound dominated by women, disabled people, sex workers, people of queer and trans experience, and of color. with our biweekly spot (pref. on Monday evenings), we hope to show through our playlists, that the margins we exist at are always innovative, poppin, and culture-defining. some sounds we hope to share come from the genres of rock, industrial, EDM/house, experimental rap, reggaeton, soca, and dancehall. Eventually, we even hope to bring some of these underground artists on-air and interview them!


At the Margins – 04/09/21