do as i say, not as i do

do as i say, not as i do, is a show where host Pre answers a weekly caller’s dilemma with incredibly poignant and relevant– some may say bulletproof– advice. On the off chance that her guidance falls flat, guests pick up the slack with a second opinion. All the while, a curated playlist pertaining to … Read moredo as i say, not as i do

Basketball Nights

Glamour, baby. Tap into Basketball Nights to hear hosts Renato de Angelis and Logan Burke give their takes on the players and teams that dazzle across the NBA night sky! A New Wave-accented take on everything basketball, Renato and Logan combine astute analytical analysis with their endless enthusiasm for the game to create a perspective … Read moreBasketball Nights

Difficult To Be Around

I love to talk. Just about every single descriptor that applies to me points to this, except for one: I have severe social anxiety. On Difficult To Be Around, a talk show created and hosted by me, Eve Meadow, I plan on talking about just about anything and everything in a ploy to help me … Read moreDifficult To Be Around

Good Sh*t Rx

Want something to run through your mind all day? Need something you’ll keep stuck on replay? Everyone and your mom is listening to Good Sh*t Rx. Join Elizabeth Li and Manu Sundar each week as they present a songmmelier’s mix of shoegaze, rap, and everything in between. You’ll never know what’s up next. Tune in … Read moreGood Sh*t Rx

At the margins

At the margins is a radio show we conceptualized around the guiding force of giving space to underrepresented, and for this reason underground, marginalized artists. with a music industry that is often dominated by a culture of patriarchy and a “boys club” mentality of conformity and connections, by the same manufactured sounds of white male … Read moreAt the margins


Wei? – May 5, 2021     Openings – February 16, 2021

Sound Judgement

You know when you hear a great song, and all you want to do is ramble about it to your friend? Join Chloe and Delaney on Thursday at 4 CST for Sound Judgement, a show dedicated to talking about and listening to new and old music. Chloe is a post-punk enthusiast who listens to everything … Read moreSound Judgement

More Than Music

Join Jordan as she dives into the history and inspiration behind her favorite songs. Throughout the weeks Jordan will explore renowned songs and their social, political, and musical influence. She will also spotlight different artists and discuss fascinating and pivotal moments of their careers. This show is for anyone who is interested in music trivia … Read moreMore Than Music

Big Little Questions

For the last three years, DD has ended each of her journal entries with a question that’s on her mind. Sometimes they’re small and specific (“when will I feel less shitty than I did this week?”), sometimes they’re much bigger (“what does accountability mean in the context of friendship?”), and usually they’re somewhere in between. … Read moreBig Little Questions