The title of our show is “cathexis,” meaning the concentration of mental energy. To us, this represents our relationship to the music we want to play. While we want to play music that interests us and makes a good listen, we will inform our show with the idea of a “concentration of energy.” Whether speechful … Read moreCathexis

do as i say, not as i do

do as i say, not as i do, is a show where host Pre answers a weekly caller’s dilemma with incredibly poignant and relevant– some may say bulletproof– advice. On the off chance that her guidance falls flat, guests pick up the slack with a second opinion. All the while, a curated playlist pertaining to … Read moredo as i say, not as i do

Way Back When

Do you ever find yourself reminiscing about the summer of ‘72 but then realize you were born in 2003? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Way Back When is a dad jams-esque music/talk show on rock-n-roll from the 60s, 70s, and 80s that explores the classics we all know and some of the more … Read moreWay Back When

Basketball Nights

Glamour, baby! Tap into Basketball Nights to hear hosts Renato de Angelis and Logan Burke give their takes on the players and teams that dazzle across the NBA night sky! A New Wave-accented take on everything basketball, Renato and Logan combine astute analytical analysis with their endless enthusiasm for the game to create a perspective … Read moreBasketball Nights


Rock Requiems igniting pure liberation—from acid to the experimental to the baroque genre—all that revives the soul. Prepare to be submerged into the fifth dimension of rock or find yourself with the sudden urge to jump on a table and feel liberated by the sounds of Hendrix or the Strumming of Field Medic. Petra-Femme can … Read morePetra-Femme

Fààji Lawa

As a Nigerian immigrant, I have always immersed myself in African music as a way for me to remain connected to my culture, and I’d love to share some of that experience with Midwave’s listeners. From Afro-Funk and classic Afrobeats to modern-day Alté-Cruise, there are many undiscovered gems in the African music world. With “Fààji … Read moreFààji Lawa


Riot grrrl meets Patti Smith meets Avril Lavigne meets Grimes meets Daniel Johnston

Folk with Sooz

When I get to heaven… I’m gonna get a guitar And start a rock-n-roll band.. And then I’m gonna get a cocktail Vodka and ginger ale Yeah I’m gonna smoke a cigarette that’s nine miles long.


Join me for an hour of classic rock throwbacks ranging from Blondie to Queen to Sting to Uriah Heep, and everything else imaginable! Each week’s playlist attempts to focus on a particular theme, which will be announced several days prior to each show – theme suggestions are welcome and appreciated! Working themes right now include “classic … Read moreHeatwave

Agora É A Hora

Showcasing mid and late century hits from the post-bossa nova era of the Brazilian music scene, you can expect everything from the funky soul of Tim Maia to the youthful rock of Legião Urbana to the more acoustic melodies of Rita Lee. From time to time, traditional Brazilian genres such as samba and bossa nova … Read moreAgora É A Hora