Tastes Just Like It Costs

Tastes Just Like It Costs

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Picture this: Memphis and Caroline, behind the bar at Harper Café. Half talk show, half radio show, it’s what you didn’t even know you were missing.

Every episode begins with a featured song and drink pairing. We play a song that we’ve been loving recently, and make a drink inspired by it. Some pairings may be thought up ahead of time, some will be created on the fly. “Hot Rotten Grass Smell” by Wednesday is a hot matcha with white chocolate, for example. We sip, you sit and listen to our introduction to the episode (and us sipping—sluuurp).

We play a little bit of everything, depending on the mood. One day might heavily feature MJ Lenderman, Pinegrove, Paper Hearts, waveform*, feeble little horse, The Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick, and Slow Pulp. Another: Pretty Sick, Sonic Youth, Blonde Redhead, Horsegirl, computerwife, Apistat Commander, Hotline TNT, The Hellp, and Lil Ugly Mane. A third, we just play Big Thief, or Alex G…or Björk. Our recent finds and music obsessions will be mixed in with alt-country, shoegaze, post-punk, indie-rock and slacker rock classics (but we don’t mean Mac DeMarco).

During the breaks in between customers we’ll interview friends and regulars, address some of the most important questions weighing on our spirits (“Is The Dare actually good?” “What can Caroline do with a Gender & Sexuality Studies Degree?”), and reveal the results of Harper community polls (“Is Memphis a werewolf or vampire?”).

We present to you “Tastes Just Like It Costs,” the coffee-theme-adjacent radio show.

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