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Hosted by: Emma Huerta

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Playing music recs out loud is a risky venture. Why can a song that’s stuck so closely with you instantly lose its allure the moment you play it for others? It’s like the end of a honeymoon phase. Inside Voices is a radio show epitomizing this phenomenon, but rather than lamenting the downgrade from Bluetooth to Airplay, it instead embraces our selfish connections to immaterial sounds. Each week, Inside Voices centers around a genre- or theme-based collection of songs that are best for solo listening and otherwise warrant a ban from AUX privileges (been there). Weekly genres and themes include shoegaze, movie soundtracks, folk, electronic, post-punk, hip-hop, fusion, and more. No matter if the song is too long, too weird, too sad, too much, or too old, it has a place among the Inside Voices. Some songs are meant for headphones, and perhaps it’s best they stay that way.

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