How to Let Your Hair Down (P.S. I’m Bald)

How to Let Your Hair Down (P.S. I’m Bald)

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Hosted by: Ime Inyang

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I just entered my twenties, and it has certainly been a ride. I would love to share with others the crazy rollercoaster college life can be. Everybody seems to have it together all the time. Life is all about learning, so what’s the point in pretending you’re perfect! I’m certainly not here to tell people how to live life, but I sure hope my stories make people feel a little less crappy about how theirs is going. On top of that, I’m just here to openly share how I feel about topics from shopping to dating to discrimination. I’m the daughter of two immigrant parents, and I’m sure some people know that goes lol. I come from a small, conservative town in Michigan where I always felt like I was on the outs. From what I’ve heard, I’m not the only one struggling with dating scene here at UChicago. Hoping I can offer some insight how listeners can stay true to themselves!

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