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Hosted by: Arnie Campa

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Timezone: CDT [UTC-5]
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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Chueq (short for chueca) is a radio show that archives the crooked, in-flux, and constantly changing landscape of indie Spanish music. Chueq seeks to decentralize the US as the main epicenter of independent production and look across Latin America for ethereal melodies.

Chueca, in English means crooked, is often not used in the literal sense; here it is reclaimed to describe someone who veers on and off a set path to create their own winding road. Chueq then becomes a way of building relationships with others and with the world. It’s meeting one where they’re at and embracing situations that are above human control.

At the heart of Chueq is resilience: of musical traditions, of small communities uplifting each other, and of the people of Latin America. However, at the heart of resilience is dancing. Therefore, the last 10 minutes of every Chueq show will be set aside para perreo.

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