Second Class

Second Class

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Hosted by: Chris Campo
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Last June, my then-third-year friends and I watched our fourth-year roommates graduate from my apartment living room. Between each cheer was a nervous glance at each other that read, “no chance this will be us too, right?”

It’s been a full year, and we’ll officially be members of the second college class to graduate into a pandemic. Those of us who haven’t traveled about during remote learning have leaned into the music to do it for us: for myself, a summer of Thai Funk turned into a year of new discoveries and old deep dives, setting up a spring of resounding revival.

Every quarter is a mess, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t want to tap in one last time. Listen in for tunes to guide you through the quarter and reacquaint yourself with the Chicago sun. Old or young, first or fourth-plus, Chicago or elsewhere, join me in grooving to something a little different each week.


April 1, 2021: Particle & Wave

Early spring surprise; UV cold shower

Playlist Link


April 8, 2021: Raintrance

Powerful guitar tunes to fight the rain–or drown in it

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April 15th, 2021: Riverwalk

City lights; Dance on the water; disco, funk, jazz, hiphop, and more

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April 29th, 2021: Sample Sampler

Sneaky samples and originals with introductions from 6 special guests

Playlist Link, but listen below for the mix!

Collaborative Samples Playlist that inspired the show!


May 6th, 2021: (Live)ly Up Yourself

Live performances from concerts, studio sessions, and elsewhere. Featuring picks from Priya, Paloma, and Diego from Midwave. Rough mix will be fixed soon for quality.

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May 13th, 2021: Go Ahead (In The Breeze)

Breezy selections for going different directions

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