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Music is universal — no matter where we come from or where we are in our lives, music has the power to resonate and speak to us, sometimes in a way beyond words. But how do our experiences and lives shape how we see music? Introducing our show Koshari and Krack; Ahmed Zaki and George Iskander (me!) host. We’re both Egyptian, but we’re pretty different. I’ve spent all my life in New Jersey, he spent all of his in Cairo. He’s a fourth year in poli sci and econ, I’m a PhD student in physics. But we often find ourselves turning it up to 11 when Lebanese singer Fairuz’ classics are on, when The Weeknd is up on queue, or when we’re spinning the latest single from Egyptian rapper Marwan Pablo. Join us as each week, we feature the diverse English- and Arabic-language music we’ve grown up with and talk about what music means to us: the nostalgia behind Umm Kulthum, the politics of Rina Sawayama, the history of Mashrou’ Leila. Plus we banter a lot.