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There comes a time in every man’s life when he must look back upon his trials and tribulations and decide to make a change. A deep, guttural yearn beckons those brave enough to listen to it, though many reject this call. We are no such cowards, and thus, we choose to listen and embrace what our destinies have in store for us. What is in store you may ask. What hides there in the great unknown, begging to be found by those who seek to look for it? A radio show like you’ve seen before.

Two guys, somewhat ironically talking about cheese and music, while curating vibes and popular trends. Come on down to listen to two guys be chummy, it’s like you’re our friend! And statistically speaking, if you’re listening, you probably are.


March 31, 2021



March 17, 2021



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February 24, 2021



February 17, 2021