From my dear Parnassus

From my dear Parnassus

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Hosted by: Aatman Vakil
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What is a madrigal? What were you most likely to hear in churches eight to nine hundred years ago? Who wrote the first operas? What is the devil in music? Join your host Aatman Vakil on an epic journey, bouncing around different times and places, all before the year 1750. Ponder behind composers’ motives and intentions.

Listen to some of the most influential, charming, eye-watering, joy-deriving pieces- sacred, secular, vocal, instrumental- and discuss why these pieces or styles are so beautiful. Delve into the wonderful, yet often neglected repertoire of the pre-Bach years and leave refreshed, excited, and hungry for more Early Music!


Episode Recordings- (Newest first)


02/18/2022 Ep.17 Heinrich Schütz, Part III- A Long-Awaited Peace, featuring Dr Barbara Dietlinger


02/11/2022 Ep.16 Heinrich Schütz, Part II- War and Conflict


02/04/2022 Ep.15 Heinrich Schütz, Part I- The Early Days


04/28/2022 Relaunch!


05/30/2021 Ep.14 SPECIAL- Fingerpluckin’ly Good, featuring Dev Shodhan and Vitor Martignago


05/23/2021 Ep.13 Madrigals, Part VIII- Madrigals of War and Love


05/16/2021 Ep.12 Madrigals, Part VII- Monteverdi from Mantua to Venice


05/9/2021 Ep.11 Madrigals, Part VI- The Concerted Style, featuring Dr Robert L. Kendrick


05/2/2021 Ep.10 Madrigals, Part V- The Monteverdi-Artusi Controversy


04/25/2021 Ep.9 Madrigals, Part IV- Early Monteverdi


04/18/2021 Ep.8 Madrigals, Part III- Advances at the End of the 16th Century


04/11/2021 Ep.7 Madrigals, Part II- Mid-16th-Century Greats


04/04/2021 Ep.6 Madrigals, Part I- The Early Madrigalists


03/19/2021 Ep.5 End of Winter 2021 Special


03/12/21 Ep.4 Sequences and Patterns


03/05/21 Ep.3 To Bass or not to Bass


02/26/21- Ep.2 Adept Adaptations


02/19/21- Ep.1 Introduction