CDs in Space

CDs in Space

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Hosted by: Jonah Estabrook
Genre: Music

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Timezone: CDT [UTC-5]
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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About the Show

Beneath the sprawling tapestry of beats, grooves, breaks, and drums heard on CDs in Space, a single idea propels its evolution: music that makes you dance. These mixes are in pursuit of the retro-futuristic sound that has come to define underground electronic music; we will hear those iconic moods pioneered in Detroit, Chicago, Berlin, the UK and beyond. For those of us relegated to dancing in our bedrooms and showers at this time, this show is for you. Here the soulful coexists next to the industrial, and the punch of the drum next to the lush soundscape. But electronic music is also way more fun if we listen to its roots from disco, hip-hop, funk, and rock. A smaller portion of the show is dedicated to the oldie sounds that made generations past get down.

February 16, 2021