Auricular Enrichment

Auricular Enrichment

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Hosted by: Curtis McMackin
Genre: Music

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The world of music is an all-but-infinite expanse, which can make it somewhat intimidating for those who are new. Well, no longer. Join our host as they take you on an auditory journey through some of the best and most underappreciated music of the last 70 years. This show is intended for music lovers old and new, for people who are looking to expand their tastes and for people who are looking for new genres to explore. Each week we will have a new playlist of deep cuts and esoteric artists, and our host will have something fun and informative to say about each of them. Though our host specializes in indie rock, all genres from all decades will be represented. Our mission is not necessarily to tell you what to think, but we at least should be telling you where to look.


March 10, 2021


March 3, 2021


February 24, 2021


February 17, 2021