Songs That Scare My Girlfriend

Songs That Scare My Girlfriend

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Hosted by: DJ Enerate
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A combination of hyper pop, alternative punk-rock, and indie pop with some electronic jungle stuff for some necessary calm. There’s also some Playboi Carti scattered around in there because I love his sound. The point of the segment is to play music that is more accessible than other experimental artists like Death Grips, but would still be considered ignorant by older folks. In other words, STSMG is the stuff that makes boomers say, “kids these days.” Many of the genres I have suggested are not traditionally revered for their sonic prowess and in fact, are looked down upon. However, genres like hyper pop represent the current direction of music—toward a more ambiguous, autotune-reliant, sound, where individual artists are harder to distinguish. These sounds are unique to our generation and should be celebrated.

DJ Enerate