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Hosted by: Nadaya Davis
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The rumors are true, everyone: people from Chicago never shut up about being from Chicago. On Localized, join host Nadaya Davis as she chats with her friends and special guests about everything urban. From explorations into Chicago’s music and art scene to stories from life in the city, Localized looks to give an insider perspective. Interspersed with tunes solely by Chicago-based artists already on the radar or up-and-coming, meditations on coming of age on the CTA, the rite of passage of a Ventra card, the liminal space of the Jackson Station, and small degrees of separation are only a handful of things we’ll navigate together in a city that’s so big, but feels a little too small. Hop on for the ride.


Localized, Episode 1 – 04/02/21


Localized, Episode 2 – 04/09/21


Localized, Episode 3 – 04/16/21