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Welcome to Abstract, hosted by Max and Beth! We’re two friends who love to talk in the abstract. You’ll often find us on long walks, talking through BIG questions. On Abstract, we’ll invite a different friend (or two) each week to talk abstractly about the big questions they tackled in their theses, how they see the world differently now, and what questions are left unanswered.

Here are just a handful of abstracts (pun intended) we’re excited to talk about this quarter: How did COVID affect public schools’ inequality in Chicago? How do we think about reproduction outside of cisgender, normative understandings? How do students respond when a close friend is accused of sexual assault? How and can we reconcile the personal and political when it comes to food?

Check out our growing playlist of music that helped us and our guests get through the thesis process: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0FqkySjVKDmoLhHJfcDUaH?si=ESlcQi-sR4KT7h8xBq8nXQ

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