Wet Noodle

Hankering for a good vibe? Join Sonny and Silvana —two buds who love sippin’ n slurpin’ up stories and music—as they explore life’s most compelling questions with weekly guests, such as “what is the biggest send you’ve ever sent?” and more. Of course, no story would be complete without a soundtrack. So hop on the … Read moreWet Noodle

Across the Hall

What do you wish you knew when you were a first year? Don’t you wish you had a trusted duo to tell you to not send that text, encourage you to try new things, or maybe think twice before meeting up w a guy on Tinder? If only you could’ve gone across the hall… Welcome … Read moreAcross the Hall

Radio Rebel

Not many know this, but the University of Chicago isn’t always sunshine and happiness. Thankfully, Radio Rebel is here to tell the people what’s really going on at this school. Every week, 1-5 listeners will be treated to an absolute mess as Radio Rebel bravely speaks out about all the twisted parts of UChicago culture, … Read moreRadio Rebel


Join Sean and Ariana for casual and unpredictable explorations into art, fashion, media, and more. WORKING TITLE is an unpolished but thoughtful breathing space to reflect on our respective Internet niches alongside discussions of popular culture at large. We’ll nibble on trends, musical artists, Instagram creators, and designers that inhabit the digital sphere—bringing the glitching … Read moreWORKING TITLE

Big Little Questions

For the last three years, DD has ended each of her journal entries with a question that’s on her mind. Sometimes they’re small and specific (“when will I feel less shitty than I did this week?”), sometimes they’re much bigger (“what does accountability mean in the context of friendship?”), and usually they’re somewhere in between. … Read moreBig Little Questions