The rumors are true, everyone: people from Chicago never shut up about being from Chicago. On Localized, join host Nadaya Davis as she chats with her friends and special guests about everything urban. From explorations into Chicago’s music and art scene to stories from life in the city, Localized looks to give an insider perspective. … Read moreLocalized

Radio Prov

We’re AJ and Joey and this is Radioprov! Have you been missing the absolute rush of adrenaline you get from sitting down to watch collegiate improv? Have you spent the last 12 months thinking about how much better life would be if you could just give a suggestion to some people in flannels again? Then … Read moreRadio Prov

At the margins

At the margins is a radio show we conceptualized around the guiding force of giving space to underrepresented, and for this reason underground, marginalized artists. with a music industry that is often dominated by a culture of patriarchy and a “boys club” mentality of conformity and connections, by the same manufactured sounds of white male … Read moreAt the margins

Lost & Found

“History is written by the victors” — or is it? Lost & Found challenges this notion by highlighting the past’s most impressive and emphatic losers. We tell new stories about losers, and identify existing, less heard stories written by losers. In the process, our goal is to undercut dominant historical narratives spun by winners, and … Read moreLost & Found


Welcome to Abstract, hosted by Max and Beth! We’re two friends who love to talk in the abstract. You’ll often find us on long walks, talking through BIG questions. On Abstract, we’ll invite a different friend (or two) each week to talk abstractly about the big questions they tackled in their theses, how they see … Read moreAbstract

Gouda Vibes

There comes a time in every man’s life when he must look back upon his trials and tribulations and decide to make a change. A deep, guttural yearn beckons those brave enough to listen to it, though many reject this call. We are no such cowards, and thus, we choose to listen and embrace what … Read moreGouda Vibes

Sound Bite

Food doesn’t just fuel you; it feeds your soul and your mind. Join Olivia on Sound Bite, where we don’t just dish on cooking, recipes, restaurants, and the culinary world at large, but we also use food to explore and transcend different aspects of human life and culture, from business, to art, to spirituality, and … Read moreSound Bite


Wei? – May 5, 2021     Openings – February 16, 2021

From my dear Parnassus

What is a madrigal? What were you most likely to hear in churches eight to nine hundred years ago? Who wrote the first operas? What is the devil in music? Join your host Aatman Vakil on an epic journey, bouncing around different times and places, all before the year 1750. Ponder behind composers’ motives and … Read moreFrom my dear Parnassus

Sound Judgement

You know when you hear a great song, and all you want to do is ramble about it to your friend? Join Chloe and Delaney on Thursday at 4 CST for Sound Judgement, a show dedicated to talking about and listening to new and old music. Chloe is a post-punk enthusiast who listens to everything … Read moreSound Judgement